Tsingke’s Debut at TIDES USA: Shaping the Future of Biotechnology

The industry’s largest and most renowned TIDES USA will be held on May 14-17, 2024, in Boston, MA, USA. The conference will focus on oligonucleotides, peptides, mRNA, and genome editing products, providing an excellent platform for related professionals and companies to exchange ideas and conduct research.

Tsingke, a globally renowned Oligo synthesis company, is looking forward to meeting you at booth 832. With a focus on driving contemporary biotechnology forward, Tsingke will spotlight its revolutionary oligo synthesis alongside gene synthesis, protein expression, and antibody services, all geared towards accelerating scientific progress.

(alt: Tsingke offers diagnostic-grade modified oligo products and API-grade RNA oligo products)

Explore TIDES USA 

TIDES USA will be held for 4 days at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. More than 150 top industry scientists and over 140 exhibitors will be invited here.

The conference aims to accelerate your oligo and peptide therapeutics to market: leading strategies for expediting R&D and improving CMC efficiency. It will cover 6 scientific topics, including:

  • Oligonucleotide Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls
  • Oligonucleotide Discovery, Preclinical and Clinical
  • Peptide Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls
  • Peptide Discovery, Preclinical and Clinical
  • mRNA Therapeutics/Vaccines & Genome Editing
  • Drug Delivery Innovations

By exploring the entire field of oligonucleotides, peptides, mRNA, and genome editing, TIDES USA will help promote the development of gene therapy and vaccine development and seek more benefits for human health.

Tsingke Showcases at TIDES USA

Tsingke comprehends the intricate requirements of biological researchers and corporations regarding oligonucleotide synthesis, gene synthesis, protein expression, and antibody services and provides holistic solutions tailored to meet these demands.

At TIDES USA, you can go to booth 832 to discuss the detailed service and synthesis solutions with Tsingke’s biology experts!

1. Exhibit Display

From oligo synthesis to gene synthesis to protein expression, every advancement symbolizes a significant breakthrough in the field of biology for humanity. Here are Tsingke’s exhibits:

  • Oligo Synthesis

Tsingke specializes in offering high-quality modified Oligo products suitable for diagnostic purposes, as well as RNA Oligo products designed for nucleic acid raw material applications, synthesized at scales ranging from micrograms to kilograms. These products find extensive use in diverse fields such as molecular biology, synthetic biology, and gene function research, as well as in processes like new drug screening and drug production.

Backed by ISO 13485 certification from SGS and equipped with 100,000 class GMP-like workshops, Tsingke ensures the purity and reliability of its offerings. Employing over 200 modification types and implementing 10 key processes to ensure modification stability. Its clientele spans more than 1,200 companies engaged in vitro diagnostics (IVD), gene editing, and nucleic acid pharmaceuticals, with Tsingke delivering tailored products and services to meet their specific needs.

  • Gene Synthesis

Gene synthesis plays a crucial role in various fields, such as life science research, biopharmaceuticals, bio-breeding, bio-manufacturing, gene storage, etc. Tsingke is equipped with an intelligent gene synthesis line to provide high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective plasmids up to 200kb in length.

Clients can select from over 160 commercial vectors and benefit from complimentary codon optimization services, ensuring the optimal expression of both prokaryotic and eukaryotic genes. Every plasmid undergoes meticulous NGS and Sanger sequencing. Moreover, leveraging a sophisticated nucleic acid sequence optimization algorithm, Tsingke streamlines sequence synthesis complexities while enhancing protein expression. With a turnaround time of just 5 days, obtaining the desired synthesized gene is swift and hassle-free.

  • Protein Expression

Recombinant Protein Expression Service plays an important role in antibody and drug development. Tsingke provides a one-stop service from sequence design to expression purification.

There are 5 expression systems for customers to choose from, including Escherichia coli, bacillus subtilis, yeast, insect, and mammalian, which offers a range of options for your specific needs.

Utilizing codon optimization, vector selection, and high-expression strain screening, Tsingke maximizes protein expression levels. Additionally, they expedited a 2-week turnaround, minimizing wait times for clients.

2. Company Strength and Status

Beijing Tsingke Biotech Co., Ltd. is a pioneering force in DNA/RNA synthesis. Driven by the mission of advancing “Biotech for a better world,” Tsingke is dedicated to innovation and providing services to researchers and enterprises globally.

The company operates from an expansive R&D site spanning 12,000 square meters, supported by a cutting-edge 100,000-grade clean production workshop. This infrastructure forms the cornerstone of their efficient, precise, and high-quality DNA/RNA synthesis services.

Also, with an impressive portfolio boasting over 300 intellectual property rights, Tsingke’s steadfast commitment to delivering quality products and comprehensive services has garnered the trust and acclaim of over 200,000 customers worldwide.

The Great Tsingke Gene Factory

Continuous advances in oligo synthesis, peptide, and gene technologies are not only related to clinical therapeutics and drug development but also make a significant contribution to the pursuit of human health and well-being. This goal needs the joint efforts of industry experts and companies.

Tsingke is pleased to be involved in it and to discuss the latest information on oligo synthesis with various experts and companies. Tsingke looks forward to meeting you at TIDES USA, booth 832!

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