HGVT Awarded £10 Million for Groundbreaking HGV Driver Training Initiative

In a major step forward for professional LGV/HGV training, HGVT has been selected to lead the Government’s expanded Skills Bootcamps in HGV Driving, with a new injection of £10 million in funding. This initiative is set to revolutionise the training landscape for thousands of aspiring HGV drivers across England.

Expanding Skills, Enhancing Careers

This funding boost will enable HGVT to offer comprehensive training to 1,828 individuals over the next two years, targeting critical gaps in the UK’s driver workforce. The Skills Bootcamps, short yet intensive training courses of up to 16 weeks, are designed to fast-track participants to HGV licence acquisition. Since their inception in December 2021 and now extended till February 2026, these bootcamps have become a cornerstone of the national strategy to bolster the skilled labour force.

Tailored Training Solutions

The programme is specifically crafted to support businesses in upgrading the skills of their existing employees, covering both Category C and Category C+E licences. Industries ranging from logistics and retail to agriculture and construction are set to benefit, ensuring that the training has a broad and significant impact.

Under the scheme, funding is strategically allocated to alleviate the financial burden on employers. Large companies benefit from a 70% subsidy, while small to medium enterprises (SMEs) enjoy a 90% subsidy on training costs, making it an accessible option for all business sizes.

Demonstrated Success and Diversity

HGVT’s efforts have already seen substantial success: approximately 1,800 drivers trained and over 1,121 placed in well-paying jobs. Furthermore, the programme has been pivotal in increasing diversity within the sector. Notably, there has been a significant uptick in female participants and those from ethnically diverse backgrounds, sectors where they have traditionally been underrepresented.

Moreover, perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of HGVT’s success lies in its commitment to fostering diversity within the sector. Historically, the trucking industry has grappled with issues of underrepresentation, particularly concerning women and individuals from ethnically diverse backgrounds. However, thanks to HGVT’s proactive efforts, there has been a notable surge in participation from these demographics.

The influx of female participants and individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds not only enriches the industry with varied perspectives but also helps create a more inclusive and welcoming environment. By breaking down barriers and providing equal opportunities, HGVT is not only transforming lives but also revolutionizing the trucking landscape for the better.

How to Participate

The next round of Skills Bootcamps is scheduled to start on February 1, 2024. The programme is open to businesses aiming to enhance their workforce’s capabilities. To qualify, candidates need to have held a driver’s licence for more than three years. Training is available at a variety of locations, with 60 venues across the country, ensuring widespread accessibility.

Businesses can apply online at to become part of this transformative project.

Prath kamat, head of marketing at HGVT, commented on the programme’s renewal: “It’s an honour to once again be at the forefront of this strategic government initiative. The Skills Bootcamps have been instrumental in mitigating the driver shortage, and we are enthusiastic about continuing this progress. With the renewed funding, we aim to further our reach and enhance the driving workforce.”

He added, “This is an incredible opportunity for companies to significantly upgrade their team’s skills with robust government support. We are eager to see new and returning businesses join us in this venture to drive the UK forward.”

This initiative not only promises to fill the existing skills gap but also to invigorate the logistics and transport sectors with skilled, diverse, and ready-to-deploy professionals.

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